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Why joining Geckosoft

Since day one, we wanted Geckosoft to be the perfect place to cultivate individual talent, have the chance to grow and take up projects that will make workers proud. We do our best to offer inclusion and hospitality within a fully informal work environment. We are against the obsession of punching in and out: if someone needs a vacation or a few days off, there’s no problem for us.

3D printers + foosball

In our two offices in the heart of Pisa, you can work side by side with your coworkers or find yourself a little spot to be together with your own thoughts. We have break rooms with kitchen areas, foosball tables, video game consoles, 3D printers and even… the third biggest chandelier in Europe. Not bad, uh?


Coworkers + friends

We build products and technologies that will shape the future of web development and software: given these premises, it’s quite likely that you will find yourself working with some of the smartest people you’ve ever met. Are you picturing someone unapproachable? You would be mistaken. Here in Geckosoft we are all friends and partners in crime, and we never say no to a beer together!

Training + growth

We care about your growth as a professional, and we encourage and support you in expanding your talent, your prospects and your experiences; that’s why we offer free English lessons and internal training. Are you thinking about taking part in conferences, events or maybe you would like to buy online courses or manuals? Please, put it on Geckosoft’s tab.

Benefits + Salary

Being part of an A-team has its perks, nay, its benefits. In Geckosoft we recognize your competences and we give value to them, literally: there’s no place for minimum wage around here!

Job opportunities

on-site, pisa


Here be dragons: it seems that this expression in Latin, found in medieval maps, identified areas yet to be explored or considered dangerous, to stay away from. Only the most fearless explorers had the courage to embark on the journey to these unknown lands and face the dragons they would meet on their way. 

In Geckosoft you might find yourself fighting monsters that don’t breathe fire but could be equally scary: tough projects, technologies so new that they haven’t been described in projects yet, models for which there’s no instruction manual.

We’re looking for brave digital explorers, ready to find unknown paths to discover out of the box solutions that will fill you with pride.

Do you wanna hunt dragons with us?
Come aboard!

Detail of the Psalter World Map.


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