We are looking for talented new Geckos to join our team. Geckosoft has been growing strongly since 2020 and we are still expanding our team.

Our team is made of software engineers, creatives and digital makers, pushing the limits of “that can’t be done” every day. What makes us different from others? The fact that we only take up projects where we can be daring and represent the change we want to see in the world. We know: it’s not the easiest way to go, but for it’s exciting to know that with our work we can build a much more innovative future.

What do we do

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Strategy and consulting for innovation

We are well aware of the latest news in technology and digital solutions, and we define the best strategies for our customers to transform and grow.

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Digital products design and development

We design and develop state of the art web systems, native iOS and Android apps, and progressive webapps.

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Tailor made technological solutions and products

We build custom and scalable software solutions based on the latest technologies and deep tech innovations.

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Data-driven insights and performance 

Through an approach based on data and solid models, we are forerunners in the field of operational decisions and predictive analysis.

Our mission is to turn brilliant ideas into cutting-edge digital solutions, moving the bar of the impossible a little further every day. Why are we different from others? Because we've chosen to dedicate ourselves exclusively to projects that allow us to dare, those that represent the change we want to see in the world. We know: it's not the easiest road to travel, but we are thrilled to know that with our work we can build a more innovative future.

Who we're looking for

We are always looking for brilliant developers who have an excellent command of the latest languages and technologies, but above all a great attitude and willingness to work in a team and collaboration, a strong propensity for problem solving and to face new technological challenges.

Our work does not end with software development: if under the shell we make sure that the engine of our products is efficient, powerful and reliable, we want them to be functional, beautiful to see and easy to use (as well as used!). That's why usability experts, designers and creatives are key figures on the team we're building, as well as experts in digital marketing, social media and communications.

We value Junior, Mid and Senior candidates with a passion for learning and innovating in the field of programming and digital services, who support the work ethic 110%.

What we offer

Stimulating work environment in a decidedly informal and serene climate, characterized by a great team spirit and fellowship

In-house training and through online courses, books, the possibility of attending conferences and events, one-to-one English courses

Business computer in your choice of MacBook Pro, Dell XPS or other top-of-the-line PCs and a workstation with ergonomic chair and 26" external screen

Lunch in a partner restaurant completely paid for by the company, meal vouchers, healthy snacks (but also chocolate!), drinks, fruit and coffee at will

We offer an employee contract, unless explicitly requested by the candidate, with a variable RAL depending on seniority level and actual skills, for a full-time or part-time commitment that we will evaluate based on the position.

We have two offices in Pisa. Our main office is inside one of the most beautiful and central historical buildings in Pisa, the Casino dei Nobili, which overlooks Piazza Garibaldi. The other office is near the Polo Fibonacci, surrounded by greenery and equipped with every possible geek accessory imaginable.

The offices have been completely refurbished with attention to detail, ergonomic seating with secondary monitors and equipped with pleasant and bright spaces that ensure adequate spacing according to current standards. There are ample areas for relaxation, socializing and entertainment (which hopefully, COVID permitting, can be exploited again to 100% of their potential), kitchens complete with every accessory in both offices.

A note on why we prefer to work on site

The COVID-19 epidemic has forced us all to rethink our priorities and habits. It has disrupted the world of work in many ways, forcing many companies to embrace a mode of "smart working" that often had very little "smart"; at the same time it has made us realize that the working models now settled can in some cases be revised, adapted, or changed completely.

At Geckosoft we are convinced that flexibility is necessary for the well-being of the whole team, but, at the same time, the magic of contact between people who share the same spaces and moments of rest and leisure together is something that cannot be replicated with a video call. We want to be able to discuss in front of a whiteboard when a problem or a new idea come up, to brainstorm around a table, to gather every bit of creativity that comes from being together, to trigger those moments of serendipity that lead to brilliant ideas and solutions.

For this reason we are remote-friendly: if you need to work a few days from home or wherever you prefer, there are no problems. We are flexible on schedules, vacations and leaves, but we would like our whole team to work on site from our offices in Pisa - and then, let's face it, what offices!

This announcement is addressed to both sexes in accordance with Italian laws 903/77 and 125/91, to people of all ages and all nationalities in accordance with Legislative Decrees 215/03 and 216/03, and to people in protected categories under Law 68/99.

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